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Established in 1998, Sigma Space Corporation produces next-generation LiDAR, laser ranging, attitude determination, spectroscopy, and radiometry instrumentation for remote sensing. Sigma Space offers advanced science and engineering services to private and government clients, including NASA and DoD. Supporting these efforts is our world-class staff of engineers, technicians, and scientists.

We Design

Our expert scientists and engineers are team players, collaborating with clients to meet their goals quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We have the expertise to work with clients at any stage in the science or engineering life cycle to make each project a success.

We Build

Since results and models are only as accurate as the data on which they are based, Sigma Space personnel, with decades of combined experience, fabricate, assemble and calibrate instruments to exacting standards and monitor performance throughout data acquisition. We also develop custom software and manage, integrate, and visualize data for superior outcomes. With our background in remote sensing, we bring a unique perspective to each project we support, attending to every detail while never losing sight of the big picture. Breakthroughs are waiting to be made and Sigma Space provides the know-how to transform data into discoveries.

We Deliver

Our teams expertise, on every level, offer the solutions our clients need in order to optimize their vision, realize their purpose, and drive results.


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Sigma's corporate headquarter is located in Lanham, Maryland, a northeast suburb of the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.