Sigma Space News

Oct 23, 10
Sigma Space has developed remote sensing instruments to measure clouds, aerosols, and wind and trace gases in the atmosphere.
In 2008, we delivered the main subsystems for the first Global Hawk (an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) science instrument, the GH Cloud Physics LiDAR.
Jul 23, 10

Single box, one man operation, fast field deployment for the LiDAR market

Sigma Space Corp. launched a new Micro Pulse LiDAR during the Air & Waste Management Association International Conference in China, May 10-14, 2010.

Jan 27, 10

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Sigma Space have recently completed work on the first flights of MABEL, a multi-beam, high-altitude, photon-counting LIDAR altimetry system.  The project is lead by ICESat-2 Instrument Scientist, Dr. Matt McGill.