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Sep 27, 11
Our single-photon counting 3d LiDAR can be much more efficient than conventional LiDARs, which often use hundreds or even thousands of received photons to make a single range measurement. The high efficiency allows much greater spatial resolution and/or spatial coverage in generating topographic maps.

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Jun 01, 11

We participated to NASA DISCOVER-AQEarth Venture Mission, with Micro Pulse LiDAR (MPL) and the novel MiniMPL, for monitoring pollution in the near-surface atmosphere.

May 24, 11

Sigma Space Corporation Micro Pulse LiDAR has been shipped to Japan to study the volcanic ash of the recent eruption of Shinmoe-dake. A volcanic plume began to rise from the crater on Mount Shinmoe-dake in the Kirishimna range on Japan's southernmost main island of Kyushu, starting January 19th. A huge plume of gas and ash was causing damage up to 5 miles away from the eruption.

May 12, 11

A cost effective Athermal Telescope has been designed and developed by our R&D. Temperature stability, carbon fiber construction and high quality optics are its key features.

Apr 23, 11

Our employees Jaime Nickeson, Pete Ma, and Joanne Nightingale have been working on a project at NASA Goddardunder HBS Contract involving Honeybees.  For the past few years they have been working with Dr.

Nov 23, 10

Sigma Space Corporation produces pioneering instrumentation in LiDAR, laser ranging, altitude determination, spectroscopy, and radiometry for remote sensing and defense applications. We also proudly supply advanced science and engineering services to our government customers.

Nov 22, 10

Sigma Space shipped a second-generation 3D Mapping LiDAR for the University of Texas ice-mapping mission in Antarctica.

Nov 01, 10

Sigma Space announces the release of its latest software for Micro Pulse LiDARdata acquisition and processing, SigmaMPL 2010R1, together with the release of the new product MiniMPL. The 2010R1 software version allows the user to get the most from MPL to monitor and study weather, climate change, air quality, volcanic plumes and other atmospheric properties.