Sigma Space News

Sep 02, 15

Sigma Space is providing single-photon LiDAR (SPL)-generated point clouds from a test area in the US state of Connecticut to two evaluating companies contracted by the United States Geological Survey to assess SPL capabilities. Read more at

Aug 26, 15

Sigma Space technology may enable first high-resolution 3D map of the United States and the Planet. Read more at SPAR 3D

Jun 01, 15

In stark contrast to the linear-mode LiDAR sensors available on the commercial market, single photon sensitive LiDAR sensors offer multiple advantages for customers seeking cost-effective collection of wide area elevation data. Read more from LiDAR New Magazine

Jul 07, 14

Sigma Space’s unique technology featured in Laser Focus World.

HRQLS, pronounced Hercules, Sigma Space’s most recent moderate-altitudeHigh-Resolution Quantum LiDAR System, has been featured in Laser Focus World. Orders of magnitude more imaging capability with up 2.5 million measurements per second, with significantly less mass, volume, and prime power, make our HRQLS the most efficient 3D LiDAR Imager Possible.

 Read more at LaserFocusWorld.


Nov 27, 13

HRQLS, a LiDAR system developed by Sigma Space Corp. is listed as one of the top 20 products in Laser Focus World.HRQLS is a single photon LiDAR that is sensitive to single photons and can map low-reflectance tree canopies as well as high reflectance ice and snow surfaces from a nominal air-to-ground altitude of 2.3 km..

 Read more at LaserFocusWorld.

Nov 27, 13

Our Electrical Engineering Team delivered the ICESat-2 ATLAS Photon Counting Electronics (PCE) Engineering Model hardware to NASA GSFC (Goddard Space Flight Center). The sophisticated electronic hardware will allow for full functional testing of the instrument in preparation for flight hardware delivery.

Aug 27, 13

MABEL, the Multiple Altimeter Beam Experimental LiDAR, recently completed a mission based out of Fairbanks, Alaska, on the NASA ER-2 high-altitude aircraft, to gather data from sea ice in the Arctic during the summer. 

Aug 22, 13

From April 27 to May 2, 2014 nearly 12,500 Earth, planetary and space scientists from 106 countries gathered in Vienna for the European Geophysical Union General Assembly (EGU 2014). Sigma Space participated in the event, showcasing our Micro Pulse LiDAR technology in the exhibition hall.  It was a popular exhibit, and received lots of interest from the Earth Science community.