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Jul 06, 16

Single-photon LiDAR has the potential to totally upend the business of airborne LiDAR collection. It promises this disruption by collecting much faster (numbers reach as high as 30x the speed of traditional LiDAR) and in much greater density. This could make airborne LiDAR collection fast and affordable, so much so that we may be able to map very large areas on a frequency that approaches continuous capture. The implications for commercial work and even carbon-measurement are huge. Read more at SPAR 3D.


Jul 01, 16

Single photon laser has opened an exciting opportunity for lidar topographic mapping. It can simultaneously transmit hundreds of beams and record single photon returns. This allows data collection to be carried out in a much higher altitude and a much higher rate than the conventional linear lidar. Read more at PE&RS

Jun 22, 16

Single photon lidar (SPL) is an innovative technology for rapid forest structure and terrain characterization over large areas. Here, we evaluate data from an SPL instrument - the High Resolution Quantum Lidar System (HRQLS) that was used to map the entirety of Garrett County in Maryland, USA (1700 km2). Read more of this scientific report at

Jun 22, 16

A team of scientists from the University of Maryland and Sigma Space Corporation has shown that 3D forest structure and topography can be measured rapidly, efficiently and accurately over large areas, using an innovative laser technology called single photon lidar (SPL). Read more here.

Jun 01, 16

Taking topographic measurements with single photons in broad daylight means pushing the limits of precision, and this is what Sigma Space Corporation set out to do with its impossible-sounding single-photon lidar (SPL) Earth-imaging technology. Read more at NASA Spinoff

May 01, 16

Innovation is no stranger to geospatial technology and the surveyors who use it, but recent LiDAR advancements have left many within the profession wondering what it all means for them. Read more at Point of Beginning (POB).

Feb 24, 16

It’s safe to say that single-photon and geiger-mode LiDAR were the buzz at the 2015 International LiDAR Mapping Forum. Now, a full year later at ILMF 2016, the industry’s excitement has only grown. But what do we really know about these technologies? How do we make sense of the sometimes conflicting information we are presented with? In other words, what is the truth about these hyped technologies? Read more at SPAR 3D

Feb 19, 16

18 February 2016
Hexagon AB, a leading global provider of information technologies that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial enterprise applications, today announced the acquisition of SigmaSpace Corporation, a provider of next-generation technologies used to rapidly deliver high-quality 3D maps of the Earth.