Sigma Space at EGU 2014: showing MPL to the World

From April 27 to May 2, 2014 nearly 12,500 Earth, planetary and space scientists from 106 countries gathered in Vienna for the European Geophysical Union General Assembly (EGU 2014). Sigma Space participated in the event, showcasing our Micro Pulse LiDAR technology in the exhibition hall.  It was a popular exhibit, and received lots of interest from the Earth Science community.

Sigma MPLs are deployed at numerous locations throughout the world.  To bring real-time meaning to our presentation, we fed real-time data from four sites: Boston, Mexico City, Long Island and the MPL located on the roof our own building in Lanham. The live data display was very effective in demonstrating the data products and features of our LiDAR systems.

Savy Mathur, Program Manager of MPL, entertained and educated over 55 prospective customers at the exhibit. He demonstrated the capabilities of the MiniMPL to measure aerosol and cloud profiles along with depolarization ratio, and showed how each of the instrument featured was showing its unique boundary layer structure developing as the day progressed.

Sigma Space’s Dr. Phil DeCola, our Chief Science Officer, spoke at the Energy, Resource and Environment Disciplinary Session. His presentation, Measurement of Greenhouse Gases at the Urban Scale, drew a substantial number of scientists who were interested in efforts to measure and quantify GHG emissions at the facility-level, the neighborhood-level, and also at city and regional scales. Dr. DeCola presented measurements and modeling of greenhouse gases and the planetary boundary layer for the Boston metro area and the Northeastern Megalopolis,  based on data from Sigma’s MiniMPL instrument.

Yunhui Zheng, Sigma Space’s Lead System Engineer of the MPL product line attended many of the technical sessions regarding air quality, pollution, and related fields, and met face-to-face with experts in the field as well as potential customers.  He was impressed with the meeting, and said, “EGU, by reporting trends of applying atmospheric LiDARs towards vast amount of applications such as volcanic ash detection and classification, boundary layer identification for air dynamics and trace gas research, offered us a great opportunity to discuss with scientists from many disciplines about how we can contribute to the state of the art of atmospheric research”.

Simona Ciampi, our Marketing Communications Manager, made all the arrangements needed to prepare Sigma Space for the event, supported our on-line real time presence via Facebook and Twitter, and enthusiastically assisted by answering questions and promoting the MPL to the clamoring crowds that formed around the booth.

The abundance of cutting-edge ideas shared at EGU 2014 has been an eye-opening event for both Sigma Space and the LiDAR user community, and will further lead to exciting developments of our LiDAR product line.

Top picture: The Austria Center Vienna during the opening reception of the EGU 2014 General Assembly (Credit: Tim Middleton)

Bottom picture: Savy Mathur with a customer (Credit: Simona Ciampi)


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