NASA and Sigma Space Corp. accomplish successful mission with MABEL

NASA Goddard Space Flight Centerand Sigma Space Corp. have recently completed work on another flight mission of MABEL, the Multiple Altimeter Beam Experiment LiDAR. The mission meant to provide the foundation for future ICESat-2science, proving that the newer type of laser altimetry  employed by MABEL works at a high altitude.

A four-week deployment to collect altimetry data with the instrument took place over Greenland ice caps and surrounding areas. The mission consisted of a 100 hours of data collection during 16 flights on board the NASA ER-2 aircraft.

In their final report at Sigma Space headquarters, our engineers on the mission, Eugenia De Marco, Dan Reed and Spencer Disque, stated that they are very proud of the exemplary performance of the instrument “Particularly because MABEL flew over very different types of terrain – ocean, sea ice, mountains, glaciers – continuously acquiring data throughout every flight. Our role there was to make sure that everything worked well, I’m glad the mission was accomplished with no surprises.” said Spencer. “Our customer, NASA Goddard, was delighted with the outcome of the mission. We had great collaboration from the ER-2 crew, and the Icelandic locals went above and beyond to support the mission” added Eugenia.

To read more about the mission please click here.

Lanham, May 9, 2012

View of Greenland glaciers from ER-2 during one of the flights of the mission (PHOTO CREDIT: Stu Broce, NASA ER-2 Pilot)

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