Athermal Telescope NOW AVAILABLE for Micro Pulse Lidar Systems

A cost effective Athermal Telescope has been designed and developed by our R&D. Temperature stability, carbon fiber construction and high quality optics are its key features.

The new telescope enhances the temperature stability, allowing the excellent MPL performance over a large temperature range (10-40C) and relaxing the setup requirements for the observing stations. Its slightly bigger aperture (180mm) results also in better detection range and Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). 

All new MPL systems will be equipped with the new Athermal Telescope at no extra cost and upgrades for the existing units are also available. 

With the new Athermal Telescope there is no limit to what kind of environment MPL can be exposed, while maintaining MPL superb optical quality that our customer currently enjoy all over the world.


Lanham, May 12, 2011

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